DoggieLawn Review

Looking for an eco-friendly and easy-to-use indoor potty solution for your puppy? DoggieLawn is the perfect answer! Our natural grass puppy pee pads provide a realistic and convenient way for your pet to relieve themselves indoors.

The grass absorbs smells and eliminates odors, just like real turf, making it an ideal solution for busy pet parents. Plus, our grass in a box system is easily disposable, so you can keep your home clean and tidy with minimal effort. Puppies will love using DoggieLawn because it feels just like their backyard. And you’ll love it because it’s eco-friendly and easy to use!


1. The Natural Choice – Real Grass:

DoggieLawn’s natural grass is the perfect choice for an indoor or outdoor puppy potty. The real grass absorbs smells and eliminates odors, just like actual turf. The grass in a box system makes this potty solution easily disposable and gets your dog used to going to the bathroom on real grass.

2. Dogs Love It:

There’s nothing that comes more naturally for your doggy than doing their business in fresh green pads of real grass. Whether you’re just out working all day and they need an inside bathroom, or you need a puppy pee training box DoggieLawn is for you!

3. Simple to Use:

Just set out your pad and encourage your dog to use it once they have to go. Then when you’re out at work they’ll naturally go to it when they need relief. Once it’s time for a replacement just throw it in the trash or green compost bin.

4. Eco-Friendly:

Our system is completely natural, since it’s real grass, and won’t end up in landfills for hundreds of years like plastic pee pads! It’s the easiest to clean up, easiest to use, and looks better in your home! It’s an all-in-one doggy litter box that works better than other options!

5. Your Dog’s Backyard in a Box:

DoggieLawn was started to help pet owners live a better life with their furry companions. We provide a better solution to traditional plastic pee pads. Whatever you need we’re here for you, even if you need help guiding your dogs to use pads!

Pros & Cons


  • real grass
  • easily disposable
  • dogs love it
  • eco-friendly
  • all-in-one doggy litter box

Final Words

DoggieLawn is a great choice for puppy potty training because it is easy to use and eco-friendly. The real grass in the pads helps to absorb smells and eliminates odors, and the disposable pads make cleanup easy.

I think the DoggieLawn is a great choice for people looking for an eco-friendly and easy-to-use potty solution for their dogs. The real grass in the pads makes it look and feel more like an actual backyard, and the pads are easy to dispose of when they’re full. I also like that the system is completely natural and won’t end up in landfills like plastic pee pads.

Our Rating

We have rated this DoggieLawn 4.1 out of 5 overall.

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